JUVÉDERM® XC is the smooth gel filler that your doctor uses to instantly smooth away wrinkles around your mouth and nose. With just one treatment, you'll get smooth and natural-looking results that last up to a year.

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JUVÉDERM® XC is manufactured using HYLACROSS™technology, creating a smooth-consistency gel. It is infused with lidocaine to improve comfort during treatment. With JUVÉDERM® XC you get the smooth results you expect, with the improved comfort you want.

Everyone's skin ages differently and JUVÉDERM® XC may be used to rejuvenate multiple problem areas. From smile lines to vertical lip lines, you can smooth away unwanted wrinkles and restore natural contours.

At Limmer Dermatology, JUVÉDERM® XC is administered only by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Byron Limmer to achieve the very best results for each patient.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to improve the look of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the brows for a short period of time (temporary).


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BOTOX® Cosmetic is administered by a healthcare professional as a simple, nonsurgical treatment that is injected directly into the muscles between the brows. It works by blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles. This reduces muscle activity that causes moderate to severe lines to form between the brows.

BOTOX® may also be used to improve lines around the eyes.

At Limmer Dermatology, BOTOX® Cosmetic is administered only by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Byron Limmer to achieve the very best results for each patient.

“The Limmers have made a huge, positive difference in my overall appearance with healthier and smoother skin. They definitely understand the concept of enhancement versus drastic alterations and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Before I went to see the Limmers, I tried countless treatments prescribed by several different doctors and nothing worked. It was very frustrating. The Limmers listened very closely when I told them about my past experiences and it was clear to me that they wanted very much to help me. The doctors and staff are all very personable and I always feel welcome at their office.”

– Cosmetic Services patient


Ultherapy® is the only non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound and the body's own natural healing process to lift and tighten loose skin on the eyebrow, neck, and under the chin.

The only FDA-cleared procedure to lift skin on these hard-to-treat areas, Ultherapy® uses the safe, time-tested energy of ultrasound to stimulate the deep structural support layers of the skin—including those typically addressed in a surgical facelift—without disturbing the surface of the skin.

With Ultherapy®, there's no downtime, no foreign substances, no radical change; just a healthy revving-up on the inside for a natural, noticeable effect on the outside. You can go about your day after the 60-90 minute in-office procedure.

Results will unfold over the course of 2-3 months and some patients have reported continued improvement for up to 6-12 months, including lifting of the skin on the neck, under the chin and on the brow. While ultrasound does not duplicate the results of surgery, Ultherapy® has proven to be an inviting alternative for those who are not yet ready for surgery.

“Dr. Limmer has a very personal touch. She’s very thorough, very skilled, and is simply an excellent dermatologist. I have received several treatments from her and each time she takes all of the time I need to explain the process in detail and make sure I understand the possible outcomes. It’s not always easy to find a doctor that really cares about each of their patients – everyone’s busy. Dr. Limmer stands out from the rest – it’s obvious from the moment you walk in the door to their office how much she and her staff care. It’s a welcoming place and I know I’m getting the very best care and access to the most cutting edge treatments for my skin.”

– Ultherapy patient


The Restylane® family of products instantly adds volume to help restore youthful contours and can be used to add volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, including the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds or laugh lines), the area just below your nose and above the upper lip; the corners of the mouth; and marionette lines – the area that extends downward from the corners of the mouth to the jawline.

Restylane® and Restylane-L® are the only FDA-approved products for lip enhancement in patients over 21 years of age, are uniquely formulated to give your lips fullness and definition.

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At Limmer Dermatology, Restylane® is administered only by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Byron Limmer to achieve the very best results for each patient.

Reduce facial wrinkles and refresh your appearance without surgery. The Pellevé™ Wrinkle Reduction System safely and effectively treats facial wrinkles with virtually no pain and no downtime. In fact, patients who have had a Pellevé™ treatment say it feels like a warm massage.

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The Pellevé™ treatment may:

  • Be performed in your doctor's office in about an hour
  • Create visible results that start to be noticeable right away
  • Provide results that last

The Pellevé™ System delivers constant, gradual radiofrequency energy deeply into the skin, causing heat to build up where the skin and fat layer meet. The increasing heat modifies the collagen bundles deep in the skin, causing contraction and stimulating the growth of new collagen over time. The result: firmer, tighter, younger-looking skin.

You can feel the Pellevé™ difference. The treatment is virtually painless and generally quite pleasurable, unlike many other energy based procedures. It is a very comfortable skin tightening treatment that takes about an hour. You can go back to work and resume your normal routine right away, and no one will know you have had anything done.

The wrinkle reduction and skin firming effects of the Pellevé™ treatment may continue to improve for at least six months as your skin produces new collagen. Over time, Pellevé™ continues to work, improving your skin texture and tone. In a clinical study, after one treatment, 9 out of 10 patients experienced a significant benefit. At 6 months, almost 90% of those patients still had a lasting effect.


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