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Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin Cancer Surgery services offered in San Antonio, TX

Surgically removing skin cancer is often the best solution to ensure the disease doesn’t return. Dr. Byron Limmer at Limmer Dermatology in San Antonio, Texas, can perform multiple types of skin cancer surgery, including Mohs surgery. This complex procedure requires precision and skill to perform effectively. Dr. Byron Limmer has the experience to perform skin cancer surgery at his state of the art office. Call or request an appointment online to learn more.

Skin Cancer Surgery Q & A

What is skin cancer surgery?

Skin cancer surgery refers to procedures that remove cancerous tissue. There are many types of surgery your dermatologist may perform. After a comprehensive skin cancer exam, biopsy, and lab testing, the team at Limmer Dermatology can determine the appropriate type of surgery for your skin cancer.

Are there different types of skin cancer surgery?

The dermatologists at Limmer Dermatology perform multiple types of skin cancer surgery, including:

Mohs surgery

Mohs surgery is a highly specialized procedure that involves removing cancerous lesions layer by layer. After removing each layer, your Mohs surgeon views the tissue under a microscope. They repeat this process until there are no longer any cancer cells left.

Surgical excision

This is the typical procedure that involves the removal of the skin cancer by cutting it out and placing stitches to accelerate healing.


Cryosurgery is a procedure that freezes cancerous tissue. The treatment involves applying liquid nitrogen to the skin to destroy the abnormal tissue. After about two weeks, the lesion scabs over and eventually sloughs off.

Curettage and electrosurgery

Curettage involves scraping cancerous tissue, while electrosurgery uses an electric current to burn the remaining cancer cells and staunch the bleeding.

Why might I need skin cancer surgery?

Skin cancer surgery is an effective treatment to remove cancerous tissue. The Limmer Dermatology team may recommend surgery to:

  • Remove skin cancer
  • Prevent recurrence
  • Remove a precancerous lesion
  • Prevent cancer from spreading

How do I prepare for skin cancer surgery?

The team may ask you to stop/reduce cigarette smoking at least 2 weeks before your appointment because cigarette smoking slows healing after surgery. Your instructions depend on the type of surgery you need and your medical history. In general, avoid applying makeup, powder, and certain skin care products before your procedure.

If you’re visiting for an invasive procedure, like Mohs surgery, the team may ask you to stop smoking at least two weeks before your appointment. 

What happens after skin cancer surgery?

Most people heal from skin cancer surgery within two weeks. Scarring generally improves over time, and Limmer Dermatology offers many laser therapy and other treatments to minimize its appearance.

Contact Limmer Dermatology by phone today or request an appointment online to learn more about skin cancer surgery.