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We have served generations of San Antonians and our philosophy is simple: help patients achieve healthy, beautiful skin with the expertise and experience that we would give our own family. Our board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Byron Limmer and Dr. Rachel Limmer provide comprehensive and state-of-the-art care in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology.

Highly respected doctors throughout South Texas refer patients to Dr. Limmer. Call us today for a consultation at 210-496-9929. Our friendly and expert physicians will take the time to develop a personalized treatment program that gives you the very best results possible.

I greatly appreciated the attentiveness, great service, and overall professional treatment.



Our dermatologists provide expert care for all types of skin disorders and diseases from common acne to complex cases of psoriasis and eczema. We offer a wide range of treatment options to improve the health and beauty of your skin.


Hear stories from actual patients who have used Restylane to get results that generally cannot be achieved with over-the-counter cosmetic products. Discover how they smoothed their moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds and enhanced their lips to achieve the look they want. READ MORE

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